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Principles of Reliability Engineering


This book is primarily written for practicing engineers and graduate students who would like understand the fundamentals of Reliability Engineering and would like to apply these concepts to the problems, they face in their profession. Multidisciplinary nature of the subject has been kept in mind while dealing with the subject. This book would be found useful for engineers belonging to computer engineering, electrical and electronics, mechanical and manufacturing sciences, Industrial engineering and management. To purchase the book, please write to: kbmisra@ramsconsultants.org


Principles of Reliability Engineering





Preface i
Acknowledgements ii
Chapter 1 Compulsions of Product Performance: An Overview Pages 1-48
Chapter 2 Reliability Mathematics Pages 49-112
Chapter 3 Reliability Prediction and Modelling Pages 113-246
Chapter 4 Maintained Systems Pages 247-306
Chapter 5 Electrical and Electronic Systems Reliability Pages 307-350
Chapter 6 Mechanical Systems Reliability Pages 351-374
Chapter 7 System Safety Analysis Pages 375-404
Chapter 8 Reliability Testing Pages 407-422
Appendix Pages 425-447
Index Pages 449-455