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RAMS Consultant’s Mission


It used to be basically a seller’s market in India in early 1970s and no serious effort was made to compete in the world market. Indian products, systems and services would need to be less costly than others and Map of Indiaexcel in performance to be successful in the world market. Therefore a series of steps had to be taken up to achieve the goal of improvement. The first step obviously was to spread consciousness about quality and reliability in the industries and also to start educating engineering graduates in this discipline by conducting short term courses and by introducing the relevant subjects in engineering curricula in technical institutions.   If India were ever to become a technological giant, it should produce products systems and services that could compete in quality and reliability with the rest of the world and would cost less than others which eventually would lead to Indian economic prosperity, progress and make India an economically and politically powerful nation in the world.

Therefore, RAMS Consultants set up a mission to do the following:

  1. Persuading Government of India to take up an initiative of Reliability Implementation programme in the country because without Government insistence on industries, nothing could move them in India. General population did not know how to demand quality and reliability and were satisfied with whatever was available.
  2. Since Industries themselves did not know the implementation of the new concepts, it was necessary to help train practicing engineers and graduates in newer techniques, design and development of high performance products, systems and services. This was achieved by
    • Conducting special training programs / short term courses in the specific areas of interest at Industry premises or specially arranged locations in the country.
    • Persuade the working engineers to supplement their knowledge in this area
  3. Move Indian Bureau of Standards to develop appropriate standards in quality and reliability of engineering products so that the Indian industries could be persuaded or encouraged to follow these standards and also to improve their existing capabilities to enforce ever evolving standards for their products. Professor Misra served as Chairman,of Indian Bureau of Standards Committee LTD3 on Reliability of Electrical & Electronic components and Equipment, which brought out several BIS standards.
  4. Starting a postgraduate programme that did not exist in the country in Reliability Engineering so that graduate engineers of various disciplines could be familiarized with the associated concepts and to encourage introduction of relevant and appropriate subjects in the curriculum of engineering /technical institutions to evoke interest of graduate students and research students in this area.
  5. Disseminate useful and the latest information to a wider section of engineering community in order to take design, production and maintenance of products, system and services to the level of state-of-the-art, through  the publications of:
  6. To set up libraries at suitable locations by donating specialized personal books and journals of K. B. Misra at some selected locations for the benefits of students, researchers and working engineers to familiarize them with concepts of quality, reliability, maintainability and to encourage the advancement of knowledge and to further research interests in these areas.
  7. To encourage accomplished persons in the area of reliability/performability engineering to publish their work internationally under a Book Series started by K.B.Misra.
Books by Professor Krishna B Misra

Books by Professor Krishna B Misra

Book Series Edited by Professor Krishna B Misra

Book Series Edited by Professor Krishna B Misra