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Clean Production: Environmental and Economic Perspectives

ISBN-10: 3540601899
ISBN-13: 978-3540601890



Clean Production: Environmental and Economic Perspectives



Sustainable Development in 21st Century

Environment, Economy and Performance : Three Pillars to Prosperity, 110-pages Krishna Behari Misra ( India)
Prosperity of Nations in the 21st Century, 10-pages. A.M. Gillies (Canada )
Strategic Technological Pathways for Sustainable Development, 49-pages. Giancarlo Barbiroli ( Italy)

Section- II : Clean Production

Basic Concepts of Cleaner Technology, 12-pages. M. Rousto (France), S. Laigo (France), J. Caille (France) and C. Roulph (France)
Formal Methods for Designing Cleaner Process , 16-pages. W. R. Johns (U.K.)
Removing Obstacles in the Implementation of Cleaner Production , 11-pages. C.M. Lin (Hongkong)
An Integral Approach to Cleaner Production, 19-pages. Leo W. Bass ( the Netherland)
Cleaner Production Case Studies, 23-pages. Margaret L. Bailey and K. Mayes ( New Zealand)
Cleaner Production for Electroplating Industry, 23-pages. Joo Hwa Tay ( Singapore)
UNIDO Technical Assistance for Cleaner Production, 6-pages. Ralph (Skip) Luken (Austria)

Section – III : Environmental Perspective

Environmental Impact Statement , 6-pages. James R. Pfaffin (U.S.A.)
Environmental Disclosure and U.S. Security Law, 25-pages R.H. Feller and Bruce W. Piasecki (U.S.A)
Environmental Technology and Industrial Development in India, 15-pages. P. Khanna and V.S. Kulkarni (India)
Future Role of Anaerobic Digestion in Municipal Waste Management, 19 -pages. Prabodh B. Mistry ( U.K.)
Biotechnology Applications in Environmental Perspective, 32-pages. M.C.E. van Dam-Mieras (Netherlands), G. Mijnbeek (U.K.) & E. Middlebeek (Netherlands)
Environmental Life Cycle Assessment : A Basis for Sustainable Product Development , 22-pages. Tomas Rydberg (Sweden)
The Product Life Cycle Revisited, 13-pages. John P. Ulhoi (Denmark)
Environment Life Cycle Assessment and Cost Analysis, 14-pages. S. Sankaran and T. Virarghavan ( Canada)

Section – IV: Economic Perspective

Basic Economic Concepts of Cleaner Production, 19-pages. Andre Maisseu (France)
Ecological Economics and Environmental Policies : A European View, 21-pages J. Martinez Alier (Ecuador)
Resource Scarcity as a Stimulus for Advantageous Innovations, 21-pages. Gianarlo Barbiroli, A. Raggi and M. Fiorini ( Italy)
Coupling Strategies and Modeling of Integrated Biomass Refining Concept, 48-pages. A. Mughal, J.C. Mora and D. Delmas (France)
Raw Material Management as a First Step Towards Sustainability, 19 -pages. Hans Schnitzer (Austria)
Waste Minimization/Elimination : Key to Successful Business, 10-pages. Allan H. Aspengren (Belzium)
High Performance Sewage Treatment for Reduced Infrastructure Costs, 34-pages. Frank Rogalla (France)
The Energy Audit, 26 -pages. R.S. Barratt (U.K.)
Energy from Municipal Solid Waste : Economic Analysis, 7-pages. Ernest B. Cohen ( U.S.A.)
Industrial Plant Process Flow/Analysis, 37-pages. Harry L. Brown and Y.T. Shah ( U.S.A.)
Energy Models and Cost Models for Water Pollution Control, 35-pages. J.C. Wang, D.B. Aulenbach, Lawrence K. Wang and Mu-Hao S. Wang (U.S.A.)

Section – V : Performance Perspective

Performance Perspective of Cleaner Production, 30-pages. Krishana Behari Misra (India)
Evaluating Engineering to Ensure a Sustainable Environment , 18-pages David Walter Schnare (U.S.A.)
Reducing Risk by Controlling the Environment, 13-pages. Stan Bumle (U.S.A.)

Section – VI : Future Strategies

Molecular Manufacturing : A Future Technology for Cleaner Production, 16-pages. K. Eric Drexler (U.S.A.)
Education and Manpower Development in Cleaner Production, 33-pages. M.S. Jorgensen (Denmark)