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Dr. Misra has been one of the earliest persons in India to realize the importance of the reliability engineering in the national context and he has been active in the area of reliability engineering since 1967 and had been making efforts to popularize reliability and safety concepts in India by delivering special lectures and conducting short term courses and in-house training programmes for the Indian industries, organizations and educational institutions. In 1976, Prof. Misra was invited by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, New Delhi to serve as the convener of the NCST working group on Reliability Engineering in India. This group submitted two reports (part I & part II) in 1978 on the Reliability Implementation Program for India. He was also designated as a member of Task Force Committee on Reliability Engineering by the Department of Science & Technology, in 1979.

Due to Professor Misra's efforts, a masterís degree program in Reliability Engineering (REC) was conceptualized and started for the first time in India at IIT, Kharagpur in 1982 which is still continuing and is quite popular with high risk industries, Army, Navy and Air Force besides DRDO and Defence establishments. It was mainly, as a result of his efforts, the Reliability Engineering Centre was established in 1983 as the Ministry of Human Resource Development Project, Government of India, New Delhi. Prof. Misra has been the founder Head and later on as Chairman of Reliability Engineering Centre (REC). The REC is the first of its kind, in any educational institution, in India, to promote training, research and consultancy in the area of Reliability Engineering. Several post graduate students trained at this centre are not only contributing to several prestigious projects of India, such as LCA, nuclear, missile and space programmes but also richly contributing internationally world over. It was natural that one book on Reliability Engineering authored by his former Ph.D. student E. Balagurusamy (Ex-Vice-Chancellor, Anna University, Tamilnadu and Member of Union Public Service Commission, New Delhi) was dedicated to him for his pioneering work in India in the area of Reliability Engineering. Also the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunications, IETE (India), awarded him the first Lal C. Verman Award in 1983 for his outstanding contributions and pioneering work in Reliability Engineering in the country. In fact, in 1995, a plaque in recognition of his meritorious and outstanding contributions to Reliability Engineering and furthering of Reliability Engineering Education and Development in India, was awarded by the IEEE Reliability Engineering Society, USA.

Realizing that it is not only quality, reliability, maintainability, and safety that should be of concern in 21st Century but also the environmental impact of products, systems and services that prof. Misra started emphasizing performability engineering subsequently. During his later part of work at IIT Kharagpur, he started popularizing sustainability concept along with dependability that lead to formulizing the notion of performability engineering. Prof. Misra after his retirement from IIT Kharagpur in 2005, started a new International Journal of Performability Engineering which was published from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India and served its Editor-in-Chief for 11 years ( up to December 2015) until the journal was bought by Totem Publishers Inc., a company in USA and is published by it from January 2016 onwards. The journal published a total of 57 issues (containing 479 full papers and 52 short papers and 112 reviews of latest books) was subscribed by several countries and had contributions from authors of 51 countries of the world. Major contributing authors happened to be from the following countries (in alphabetic order): Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Norway, Sweden, South Korea, Taiwan, U.K., U.S.A., while the highest number of papers published were from U.S.A. and India. The journal was being abstracted by several scientific data bases, which include Elsevierís SCOPUS, EI Village, Compendium, Google Scholar, ProQuest, INSPEC(UK), NSD (Norway), SCIMAGO etc. In 2008, Prof. Misra also edited a Handbook of Performability Engineering of 1316 pages and 76 chapters from 100 contributors which was published by Springer Verlag, London. This handbook established a record of its own since its publication with ever increasing number of chapter downloads of its e-version leading to a total of 237,534 downloads up to 2015 for its e-book on Springerlink.


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